Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Flotsam and Jetsam

I have nothing solid to report besides my musings on the latest from 1153; a post on that is forthcoming. I do have some smaller bits:

I have eaten all I can eat. I looked at myself coming out of the shower yesterday and decided that in my current condition I would never ever have sex with me if I were someone else. So I'm consuming nothing but milk and white grape juice until further notice. Hopefully I'll look good enough by then to be able to post some pictures from my upcoming birthday party, which I think about all day long. Three more weeks...

Ellen DeGeneres is now dating Portia de Rossi. I am SO pleased by this. Ellen is about the funniest person alive, I LOVE her, and Portia de Rossi should have been on my famous people I want to sleep with list because, DAMN! She is smokin hot.

My house is officially on the market. I have the most awesome realtor, Bruce Trammell, who knows my dad and bizarrely thinks I'm the shit. He laughs at everything I say and compliments my housekeeping. Also thinks my cat is the shit, to the tune of bringing over a whole box of food and treats for her. I looked out the window and saw the sign in my yard and I was sad, but I just tell myself it's one more step in getting to Chicago.

It's supposed to thaw here a bit around the middle of the week, which is good, although it was kind of neat how it seemed like I was walking through tunnels of snow like I was a rebel at the base on Hoth or something. Oh my God, what a geek I am.

Mary, Rob and I are planning a trip to Best Buy tonight, one last foray before the end of Irresponsible Spending Month, as if I didn't acquire enough media in my Christmas loot. Then home to Mary and Rob's house where I will talk everyone into watching the MST3K episodes I bought Mary for Christmas. I may be a geek, but at least I'm not alone!


Eric said...

When I used to be an athlete, I would use visualization exercises to get ready for events. I would visualize doing well and that would often translate into a good performance. I find that even though I am no longer an athlete, those exercises come in quite handy.

For example, combining two of your previous post yields quite an entertaining visualization exercise. The posts are the aforementioned "Famous People" and the revised "Ask and You Shall Receive" (of course the original one was fun also).

amberance said...

You're killing me Eric. Do you know how much work I'm not going to get done now? By the way, what looked best? ;)

Eric said...

It was close, but the tie-breaker went to Lucy Liu based on your commentary: "I like to get bossed around."

Salma Hayek and Jolene Blalock were the first and second losers, but made for fun visualizations nevertheless.

Third loser, you'll be interested to know, was Brett Spiner--but only when in character. He moved ahead of the others simply because it involved the most visually challenging match-up.