Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Compare & Contrast

Butch Davis
resigned under pressure
management insists he wasn't fired
is being replaced by interim coach Robiskie
left immediately
Browns fans are relieved
gets $12 million

resigned despite pressure
management insists I won't be fired
is irreplaceable (tee hee)
is being asked to stay through Feb. (not likely)
co-workers are sad
gets a handshake
All things being equal, while I am obviously the more beloved in my organization, I'm pretty sure Butch got the better deal overall.

Also, Holcomb has three cracked ribs, Garcia is still not throwing, and we're playing New England on Sunday. Would anyone care for some lube?


Anonymous said...

If Butch Davis gets $12 million not to work any more what would it have cost Art Modell in todays dollars when he fired the greatest coach who ever coached High School, College, or the Pro Football, Paul Brown?

Cap said...

I was actually going to try to give you an answer anonymous, but when I did a yahoo search 9 of the first 10 links were for some Paul Brown hair care line from Hawaii. Sad that the greatest coach ever gets disrespected like that...

amberance said...

Dear Cap11:

Brandon, is that you? It seems like too much of a coincidence not to be...

Eric said...

Now that you officially have one foot out the door, are you going to be posting more?

Anonymous said...

Probably about the same. I post when I have something I'd like to say. If I have a lot of work to do, I stay late so I can post. But hey, if you want me to write more often, throw me a topic and I'll try to come up with something.

Cap said...

Yes Cap2, it's your brother. Sounds like you have some fans now!

Pronto said...

Okay Amber, your request is granted:

Every good (and, not-so-good) self-proclaimed attention-whore has a good voyeur story or two.... What say you?

amberance said...

Pronto, just to clarify: were you looking for stories about people looking at me, or stories about me looking at people?

Pronto said...

Whatever turns your crank, hun.

You're the story-spinner..........