Friday, March 08, 2013

50 Shades Meet Up And Why This Post Is Not About France

Hello everyone! I'm just back from France today, and I absolutely owe you a post about snails, art museum shenanigans, and a mariachi band. However this post is just a short one in order to update everyone who is not on the email list about the 50 Shades party game meet up happening this Sunday evening. I was absolutely planning to post my France recap (entitled "Is This Snails?" because I had decided that probably everything was made out of snails, including cups of tea, which I needn't have worried about because there IS NO FUCKING TEA ANYWHERE IN FRANCE) tonight, as I am currently sat in a hotel by myself for the express purpose of catching up the blog and the email and the twittering I've missed whilst I've been away. But then I got back from the trip and started unpacking, at which time I reached into my bag and ended up taking a massive chunk out of my finger with the razor blade I had carelessly thrown in there with no blade guard LIKE A DUMBASS, so right now I'm typing this with my left ring finger held up in the air because it really, really, REALLY fucking hurts. It's not a good situation. I bled through three plasters (Americans: plasters = band-aids) earlier.

ANYSUCK, I'll either post about France when I can type like a normal human being without screaming every time I touch something, or I'll bat my eyelashes at StereoNinja and try to get him to type it for me with me dictating, but I suspect he'll merely laugh at that suggestion.

So, the meet up! It's this Sunday the 10th. I've reserved a table at the Green Man pub on Euston Road in London for 5 pm because it's much easier to play table games with the use of an actual table. I've never been there, but it was suggested by one of you lovely folks, I can get there via tube, and they let me book a table online without having to speak to any strangers or pretend like I know what I'm doing. I can't wait to meet you all and I'll see you Sunday!