Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Car is Coming!!!

I just checked the MINI USA website, and my car is currently crossing the pond. Which means that I need to get to work on picking out a name. Here's some background information:

My car is a boy, and he's very very British. In fact, he's british racing green. Here's some ideas I've come up with so far:


I'm kind of liking Alistair. What do you guys think?

P.S. I know naming my car is extreme cheese, but I can't help it. It's a MINI for Pete's sake!


Anonymous said...

When I think Alistair, I think about "You Can't Do that On Television," then I think about Alanis and Dave Coulier . . . I like Collin

Eric said...

Alistair is good, although my middle name was picked in honor of a famous British author's first, so I am partial to that.

Here, I'll do word association with the others:

Alfred - Not a name for a Mini, period.
Blaine - Different spelling, but Andrew McCarthy's character in Pretty in Pink.
Cecil - B. DeMille.
Collin - Different spelling, but everyone will assume Farrell.
Geoffery - Me.
Harry - Too "People" magazine.
Maxwell - This isn't too bad.
Niles - Crane.
Rodney - Dangerfield
Sinjin - Beach volleyball player, Smith.
Spencer - It's trying too hard and I always think of Spencer's Gifts.
Stuart - Not British enough.
Wesley - Snipes, but just too sissy as a first name.

Alistair, Geoffrey, Maxwell or Sinjin.

Anonymous said...

amber, after reading your post on 12/7 i've decided that maybe i'd come out of the closet and expose myself as one of the lurkers. however, i don't know if stumbling onto this blog and posting to it on the same day really warrants me labeling myself as a lurker. in any event, being a guy, anytime a woman uses the word 'coming' in a phrase, it never fails to get my attention... unfortunately, this time it was used in terms of an automobile. but onto the name thing... if you own a cooper, i'd name it cecil, because cecil cooper was a baseball player who played from 1971-1987 for both the red sox and the brewers. or if you don't like that one 'austin' would be a good name for obvious reasons.

Adventure Girl said...

But I can't believe 'William' wasn't in the list since Prince William is one of the best bits of totty ever. You could even shorten it to 'Will' then, which is cute sounding and also nice because it has a second connotation of having will... :) You should name the car Will. :)

Sliver said...

Those names suck. What about Aiden?

daniel said...

Firstly you are funny....... (no insert of "looking" here.. well other than that one.. but that one was intended as how you fear... I made a meal of that, so how about you just feel validated dammit!).

Secondly, naming a car is a personal thing.. so if this doesnt flick your switch, well..

Personally I think your Mini should be named with something starting with an M.. so you can be like this is M_____ Mini or Mini M________ etc etc.

Morris, Mick, Murphy, Mini Man, etc etc.. or more exotic names that are less commonplace:

Tricky Micky (how is THAT for exotic? eh!)

I dunno.. i'd go with an M tho. Max works in that scenario.

PS - Merry Christmas Champ. (or would you prefer "tiger"?)

daniel said...


[quote] Anonymous said...

amber, after reading your post on 12/7 i've decided that maybe i'd come out of the closet and expose myself as one of the lurkers.[/quote]

Failed attempt of exposition.

amberance said...

Well hello Cryptic, you are certainly entertaining! Champ and Tiger both work well, as do Vixen and Hot Lips. Aw hell, let's be honest, I'd probably answer to Hey You.

You are very sweet!

daniel said...

Why hello Hot-Champ-Lips-Tiger-Vixen / Hey You!,

[quote]You are very sweet![/quote]

Noone has ever accused me of that before.

I'm not quite sure how to respond.


Zzyzxmo said...

How about "Mr. Bean" ?
A fun name for a fun car.