Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Liner Notes

I spend a lot of money on CDs. A LOT of money. You're probably thinking, "Amber, why don't you just burn them like every other person on the face of the planet?" I can't. And it's not any kind of "I feel like a bad and dirty person for ripping off the music industry" type of thing either. Believe me, I'd be happy to rip off the music industry and save myself literally thousands of dollars a year, but I can't. I have a sickness about liner notes. I feel like I have half a product without them.

For one thing I like to have the lyrics. I realize that not everyone puts the lyrics in their liner notes. I also realize that any lyrics I ever wanted to anything are available somewhere, somehow on the internet. It's just not the same.

I also dig checking out the artwork. Again, I know it's not like back in the days of vinyl when album covers were an art form unto themselves, but people do put some thought into the drawings and photos they include with their music, and to me it enhances the whole experience, like watching The Wizard of Oz on acid, which I've never done, but my friends swear it's like a totally different movie.

But the keenest (keenest? honest to God, I hate myself sometimes) thing is the thanks yous from the band/disclaimers page. I read all the thank yous, even though I don't know anyone that they are thanking. I read the little disclaimers in the margins ("Boy Band Bonanza wrote all of these songs except for 9 out of the 11 songs, which were written by totally different people who have never even met the band"). I read the parts about "Band member X only, and I mean ONLY plays Epiphone Guitars. Ever. Even on Tuesday."

So, I pay full price for everything and rape my pocketbook. But my reward is when I find little jems in there like the one I found today:

"Drowning Pool proudly enjoys massive quantities of Jagermeister."

Totally worth it.


monogodo said...

Buy used CDs. That way you get the liner notes/art work/entire product, you save money, and the record label gets none of that sale.

btw: I've been visiting your blog for about a week or so, and again have stumbled across it via "next blog". Just thought you should know.

daniel said...

[quote]I feel like I have half a product without them.[/quote]

I know that sickness.

Monodog (kekeke) said a pretty damn good idea above. However, this doesnt account for the absolutely latest-and-greatest albumns that hit the shelves. (hit the shelves? anyone would think i worked in a record store. which i dont. but ive digressed.. so anyhoo..),
so buy a printer. print the details from online. burn the music under your ex-boyfriends logon and email. and donate to the guidedogs.

PS. my god girl can you blog. jebus. I'm flat out keeping up with the comments for just a coupla days!!

H said...

Heather proudly enjoys massive quantities of mashed potatoes.

monogodo said...

Actually, if there are used CD stores in your area, I can almost guarantee you that the new releases will be available in used form within days of release. The store I used to work at would have used copies of the popular CDs and DVDs on the shelf the day of release (they, and other stores, were open until midnight the day before release, and people would buy them after midnight, take them home, do whatever with them, and sell them back to the store as a used CD/DVD the next morning). If the used store in your area doesn't have that quick of a turnaround, you might have to wait a bit longer for a new release, or you can pay more and get it brand-spankin'-new.