Thursday, November 11, 2004

Famous People I Want To Sleep With

(in no particular order)

Pierce Brosnan - My friends wife once told him that if Pierce Brosnan made a movie where he did nothing but sit and read the paper for 2 hours, she would watch it. I concur.

Antonio Banderas - I like that bit about "smoldering good looks".

Halle Berry - Meow.

Keith Olbermann - Sexy in a geeky sort of way. I miss the old days of Keith and Dan on Sportcenter. The link goes to his Blog, making him even more nerdily cool.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - This woman holds the distinction of being the only woman who could make my friend Mary switch teams.

John Cusack - Geeky record store owner or professional hitman, he just does it for me.

Brent Spiner - I have no explanation for this one. The guy is 55 years old. Maybe it's because for most of his career he was covered in gold paint.

Salma Hayek - I don't know if you've noticed the pattern here, but I seem to have a thing for people with foreign accents.

Viggo Mortensen - Actually, it's not him that I like, but Aragorn as played by Viggo Mortensen.

Jolene Blalock - There was no picture on her Yahoo Actor page, so I went searching and found this Maxim page instead. You'll be glad I did. I'll be bookmarking that as a fav.

Lucy Liu - I like Asian chicks. A lot. She's one my favorites because she always plays really bossy characters. I like to get bossed around. Especially by Asian chicks.

Dave Navarro - Normally I'm not into the whole tattoo thing, but on him it works GREAT. Plus he's married to Carmen Electra, not a bad gig if you can get it. I'd probably sleep with her too.

Orlando Bloom - Any white guy that can pull off the name Orlando deserves props. Plus he's got that foreign accent thing going, which we've already established turns me on.

George Clooney - This guy became infinitely sexier when he started doing Coen brothers movies.

Hugh Hefner - Let's be honest. Who doesn't want to sleep with Hef? I mean, come on.

Tyra Banks - The Bartender's exact words were "Too much forehead." Good for him, at least we're not fishing in the same pond. I've had a thing for her for-e-ver.

Omar Vizquel - Accent. Plus he's got skills.

Andy Garcia - I like my Cubans unfiltered.

Bonnie Bernstein - Every day she gets hotter. How does she do that?

Patrick Stewart - The hottest bald guy alive. And he has the accent. Lay in a course for the bedroom. Engage.

Scott Patterson - This guy plays Luke on Gilmore Girls. He was also in "The Sponge" episode of Seinfeld. He was also a minor league baseball player for 8 years.

This is hardly a comprehensive list, but I think it will do for one evening. Everyone knows that sleeping with more than 21 people in one day makes you a whore and I wouldn't want to get a reputation.


Kurt Maddox said...

I read this post 10 times but still don't see my name!

amberance said...

Well I was exhausted after all those. I mean, come on, I'm not a machine!