Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Tale of Two Idiots

Mary and I are easily amused. Very easily. We're also fascinated by small shiny objects, but that's a story for another time.

Today in the mail I received a pop up calendar . It had a big paperclip on it to keep it flat. Mary acted like she had never seen one. I took the paperclip off and let it inflate (or whatever they do). She seemed to think it was neat, so I told her she could have it. We sat looking at it for a while (VERY easily amused) and then I did this neat trick I know. If you have one, try it:

I put my finger on the top hexagon shaped part of it and pushed it down so it was flat against my desk. Then I let go. Know what happens? It jumps up off your desk like a 14 sided frog! Mary was delighted. We did it over and over and over.

We also wondered aloud what the name is for a 14 sided solid. I suggested "fourteenahedron" but Mary vetoed that and suggested that we just go with "polyhedron" until we found out the answer so as not to look stupid. As we made the calendar jump over and over. Yep, wouldn't want to look stupid, that's for sure.


Eric said...

Tetradecagon, according to:

amberance said...

Oh my God, Eric, will you marry me?

Eric said...

Shouldn't we first see if the first three visualization exercises worked?

Or, in the alternative, don't I get a test drive? Of Alistair at least?

daniel said...

Eric, youre not supposed to ask to test drive a man. even if it is a car. :-) (that was a joke. PUT. THE. BIG. STICK. DOWN.) (and don't say "i can't, its attached") :P

[quote]We're also fascinated by small shiny objects, but that's a story for another time.[/quote]
no time like the present.