Monday, November 26, 2012

More Lame Excuses

I've started writing a couple different posts for today, but one will never be finished in time (the next review, which will only cover two chapters because HOLY BALLS ALL OF THE STUPID), and the other one I got 90% finished with before I realized I wasn't emotionally prepared to post that announcement yet (or maybe I am, but I need to talk to a few more people so they don't find out the news from my blog instead of in person because they will be maybe not so pleased if I tell the entire internets first). So basically, you get a new review tomorrow!, a new video maybe tomorrow, but definitely soon (it's being edited), and a major life announcement whenever I stop dragging my feet and tell my family anything that goes on in my life.

In much more important news, there are ONLY 47 DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY.


Laura Mary said...

Ooh, have you let it slip in the tags? Are you moving?

Or am I just starting wild rumours?

Bring your wellies.


amberance said...

Shhhhh ;)

Jen Summers said...

Hahaha! Wales won her over!

amberance said...

Nope, that sunny country to the east of that...this marking the only time in history England has been referred to as the "sunny" country. Now quiet down before my cousins notice this post!

Laura Mary said...

We are sunny! In fact we had a whole half hour of sunshine yesterday! Was bloody cold though.
Back to nationwide flood alerts today though - we live life on the edge!!!