Saturday, November 03, 2012

Butthoven's Fifth

H-Town suggested to me last week that one thing that could help me in coming up with something to post every single day for a month is if I posted a few links to some of my favorite burlesque performances. And since I got to see one of my favorite burlesque performances in history live and in person last Wednesday at Naked Girls Reading, and also since I am backdating this post because I am a lazy fucking blogger (or possibly because I got drunk during a 6 and a half hour Skype call yesterday (in which I may or may not have also been naked and reading) and subsequently passed out before writing anything), I am going to do exactly that.

A year ago, the queen of Chicago burlesque, Michelle L'Amour, who also happens to be my dance teacher, walked into class and said "You guys, last night I did the most ridiculous thing I think I have ever done on stage. I played Beethoven with my butt." In the year that has passed since then she's been to Spain and France specifically to perform Butthoven's Fifth on television. Last Wednesday was the one year anniversary of that first performance, and to celebrate she performed it in between reading us stories about a guy who accidentally marries a big yellow cat and demonstrating that despite what countless movie adaptations would have you believe, Frankenstein's monster as portrayed in the actual book is exceptionally fucking articulate.

So, here is a video of the original performance of Butthoven's Fifth, which I can tell you from experience does not do justice to seeing it live.

Many thanks to H-Town for once again saving me from myself on this blog.

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