Tuesday, November 13, 2012

H-Town Rescues Me From The Internets

H-Town:  jesus christ on a pogo stick
a facebook friend just shared "I Fucking Love Science's" FB photo for today
me:  It has to be spiders. now i am afraid.
no facebook for me today
H-Town:  yeah, it's spiders
and it's awful
don't risk it
me: there needs to be another facebook page called "Fuck You, Science" where they put all the horrible things


kalokimallow said...

Someone needs to design a filter that automatically replaces images of spiders with images of cute animals! Kinda like AdBlock, but EvilNastyLittleScuttleyThingsBlock

Webbo said...

I know exactly the post you're referring to. You're missing an absolute treat.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

I saw it, it is horrific

Laura Mary said...

Why? Just...why?


shanateemanatee said...

I saw that picture and it was the worst thing in all the internets.

Bad tennis player said...

From a fellow arachnophobic, I feel your pain. And I second kalokimallow's great idea: someone should create that filter and replace every "nasty creature" (I can't even mention them) with photos of Boo the cutest dog. I know I'd buy it...

Been lurking here for some time and enjoying your take on that rubbish that doesn't deserve to be called a book. You make me laugh, so thanks a lot!