Friday, November 09, 2012

Deja Puke

I stayed up very late reading last night and only got one chapter done, but it was enough to make all the rage come rushing back, and I had to call StereoNinja who patiently listened to me scream about how E.L. James has obviously never seen a map. I also shot a video of me reading it, which I plan to edit on Saturday as well as read a couple more chapters, but I am telling you right now - the spoiler of knowing she's going to get pregnant in this book is making me read everything through a whole new filter and the idea that these two fuckwits are going to breed makes me want to cry.

I need a nap. Or a drink.


Anonymous said...

This may cheer you up. Try listening to the song Your Woman by White Town (if you don't know it, it was quite a big hit in the nineties and it's very distinctive because it has a male singer singing from a woman's viewpoint plus an electronic sample that sounds very much like The Imperial March) and imagine it's about Christian being dumped by an ex-girlfriend who's come to her senses.

tim said...

drink "or" nap? why not both? Hang tough,=)