Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Aren't We (all) Pretty?

An associate from our parent company who shares office space with us stopped by my cube for a chat yesterday. In my cube hanging on my wall/tackboard is this picture of me, Hot Heather and Vicodin Jim from a show Jim played a few weeks ago:
.My associate asked about the photo and I told him it was my roommate and his girlfriend and that, yes, he does look scary, but he's really a very nice guy. G leaned in for a closer look and said, "Wait a minute. Is he wearing....eyeliner?"

Hot Heather laughed when I told them the story. Jim...did not.


daniel said...

kekeke i'm with hot heather.
Well. Not in the holding hands and taking romantic walks kind of way... but in the giggle way.


hmm. that wasn't very manly.


better. yes.

amberance said...

At least you're not wearing eyeliner.

Eric said...

Who's that hottie in the middle? :P

Hot Heather said...

woo woo eric thinks i'm a hottie