Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I first saw her at the Jewel on Western on Friday night. Jim, Heather and I were having Slumber Party Night, and Jim and I were stocking up on greasy, fattening snacks. She came walking up the candy isle as we were walking down it, a vision of sadness and beauty: tall goth chick with short black hair, except for her bangs, which were magenta. A long black trench coat. Lime green leather gloves with the fingertips cut out. The biggest, soulful brown eyes I have even seen, framed by the longest eyelashes in existence. I may have imagined it, but I swear she was being followed by a heavenly light shining down upon her. As she glanced our way, I silently cursed my decision to leave the house in my Mickey Mouse pajamas in an attempt to amuse myself and my roommate.

"I saw her first!" Jim hissed at me after she had walked past.

"You have a girlfriend!" I hissed back savagely.

Jim thought this over. "Damn you!" he finally decided.

I told the bartender about her the next day. "She was perfect! Jim tried to steal her from me but I pointed out that he had Heather."

"Kick ass. Did you talk to her?"


"You're stupid, Amber."

"Shut up. Besides I was in my pajamas."

And then I went about my life.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to glance up from the book I was reading on the train on my way home last night and saw magenta bangs and lime green leather gloves sitting on the seat directly in front of me. It is fate. Fate I tell you! She will be mine and we will live happily ever after, or sadly ever after 'cause, I mean, she's a goth chick. I sent a text to Jim: "You will not BELIEVE who is sitting right in front of me on the train."

He called me back. "Who?"

"Goth chick from Jewel," I tried to whisper, though probably screamed. As I say this, she gets up and walks to the door of the train.

"NO! You should get her digits," he says, as I watch the doors open and she gets off at, presumably, her stop. "Did you talk to her?"


I hate being stupid.


Tara said...

This has a Missed Connection written all over it!

amberance said...

I was thinking the same thing, and I started writing it, but then I felt silly. Because I'm stupid. Maybe she'll be on the train again so I can not say anything to her some more.

Web Swinger said...

Sounds like the Rach.

Whom we saw a couple weeks ago walking at Prospect and Ninth.

amberance said...

OMG, you saw my Rachel??? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER??????

(For those not in the know, Rachel was this girl that used to ride the rapid in Cleveland that I was sort of stalking a little. Like eavesdropping on her phone conversations, which is how I found out her name, and peeking in her bag, which is how I found out she does work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I just re-read that whole thing and realized I sound like a creepy psycho. Which I am.)

Tara said...

but Missed Connections are full of creepy psychos, so it works! Besides, I hear that lots of people reply to the ad, not necessarily the person you actually saw, so you could end up with some fun friends after all!