Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ruining All The Kids' Fun

"tag your [sic] it" read the message from Hot Heather. The dinging of my phone had interrupted my leisurely reading of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I don't have a lot of leisure time during this season at work. But I carved out a little yesterday, Jim wasn't home and I was trying to enjoy it. I was not interested in playing tag or anything else. It was supposed to be just me and my book.

"Tag, you're strange..." I sent back. I went back to my book. The universe was about to end, I didn't want to miss it. I read for a few minutes.

DING! said my phone.

"we're playing have to tag someone ELSE"

I don't want to tag someone else. I want to read my book while I still can.

"But it's bizarre" I send back. I pick up my book again.

DING! "So?"

I sighed. Clearly she wasn't going to go away until I went along with her game.

"Fine. I'll go tag Jim since he's the only other person I know..."

I text Jim: "Apparently we're playing tag, which means you are it."

There. That takes care of that. I snuggle deeper into the couch and open my book.


I throw my book across the room. What. The. Fuck. Do. You. Want????

It's Jim. "You didnt call no tag backs you're it!"

I clench my jaw. Lucky for them they're in the suburbs, otherwise I'd hunt them down and beat them. I'm smart so I get an idea that I think will make them go away.

I text them both simultaneously: "You are both insane. I will now stay it and tag you later in person when you least expect it...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I smile to myself. That's gonna piss them off for sure. I hold all the cards. No one can tag me if I'm it. I can read my book in peace. Damn kids.

Hot Heather sees her dilemma and tries one last time: "Tag Nick..." with his number.

I'm giggling now.

"No. I'm it. Which makes me important. So there." I hit send with a look of smug satisfaction on my face.

Ten whole minutes pass. Then...

DING! It's Hot Heather. "FINE THEN!"

I did read for quite a while after that, but I kept imagining the pouty look she must have had on her face when she sent me that.

How fucking bored do you have to be to play text message tag anyway? Asshats.


David said...

Bored, or adventurous.

I have never played text message tag before, but my friends and I would occasionally play tag in bars. We would tag random people, and then watch what they would do. Sound boring but just about anything is entertaining at 2am.

amberance said...

Before I lived here, the bartender used to like playing "what girls can I hook Amber up with?" at the bar...and then graciously offer us the use of his apartment. I am certain he had no ulterior motive here...