Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lost In Translation

My friend Demas has been entertaining our group of friends today by translating all of his e-mails into foreign languages. Foreign languages that most of us don't speak. He's sent us things in Spanish, Chinese and French. The thing is, the translator he's using doesn't always do a very good job, so nothing he has sent us makes any sense. Fortunately for us, Simmy appears to have actually paid attention in class, and corrected the one he sent us in French:

"L'email de Simone était drôle assez fichu. Par conséquent est exacactement il ce que j'ai dit. . Cependant, je doute de I dit lui en tant que sans à-coup parce que je ne parle ou ne comprends pas aucune langue de foriegn. Ainsi si c'est légèrement à toute la manière incorrecte, veuillez ne pas froncer les sourcils sur moi. Aujourd'hui je voudrais dire des acclamations à tous mes piaulements dans le capot. Tout est bien, séjour frais."

Simmy's translation:

"simone's email was funny. it is exactly what i said. nevertheless, i doubt what was said is without a cup of soup because i don't understand any foreign language. also, if it is legitimate all of the manners are incorrect, never force your sources on top of me. today i'm going to read the acclemations of my feet in the pots and pans. it is good. it is true. "

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