Thursday, April 14, 2005

Is It The Hat?

Today I wore a light green sundress with a peach, yellow and white floral print, and a peachy-pink little sweater top over it, and a gold necklace with my Italian horn charm on it. None of which could be seen as I walked to the el this morning, because it was entirely covered by my Inspector Gadget trenchcoat. I also had a sweet little hat on.

No less than 6 gentleman honked or whistled at me during my 10 minute stroll to the Addison Brown Line stop.

I ask you: Is it the little hat? Or is it the trench?


Pronto said...

Since it was limited to six, i'd have to say it was the sweet little hat.

If, however, on your way home you get response from twelve, it's gotta be the coat.

Of course, you could throw the whole math philosophy to the wind by tossing the trenchcoat over your arm. Or by going naked !

monogodo said...

A *real* gentleman wouldn't have whistled or honked or yelled at you. He would have simply undressed you with his eyes.