Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Table For Manny

Manny is a man of many opinions, which he expresses through analogies that make no sense. Thursday night, Manny stopped into Tai's for a beverage. He got onto a story about how he broke up with the guy he was dating because he was always wanting Manny to act "straight" and go to straight bars, and Manny was sick of it. Manny likes being Manny and likes who he is. He doesn't want to pretend to be something he's not.

The bartender sympathized. People frequently assume he's gay based on the fact that he used to be the manager of one of the biggest gay bars in town and also that he's not married yet. It's not that he cares really, he just doesn't understand why people have to stereotype.

Manny nodded in agreement, then summed up the situation with this:

"You see, there is a table. And the table is in the bar. And there are stools in the bar, and glasses in the bar, and even lights in the bar. Now the table is a table. But just because the table is in the bar doesn't mean that the table is gay."

Man I love that kid.

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