Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To the Women Walking on LaSalle Right In Front Of Me

Ladies, just minutes ago I was returning to my office from CVS, having procured for my lunchtime pleasure a bag of pretzels and some sour cream dip, when I encountered you:
  • A tall, rather attractive black woman, sipping apple juice from what appeared to be an 8 once bottle through a straw;
  • A blonde in an ugly purple pantsuit, wearing her Building ID Badge of Importance around her neck;
  • another blonde, barely five feet tall, shaped more exactly like a Weeble than any other human I've ever come across;
  • a woman with the largest mass of non-moving hair I've seen since 1986;
  • a woman smoking a Virginia Slim, who managed to flick ash into my eye even with the protective shielding from my glasses.
Ladies, I ask you, is it entirely necessary for you to walk FIVE ABREAST across the ENTIRE SIDEWALK right in front of me, while traveling at a pace resembling that of a marginally sedated inchworm??? Get the fuck out of my way so I can go write nasty things about you on my blog before getting back to my enormous pile of work.


monogodo said...

I can't stand slow-walkers who take up the entire sidewalk. I also hate people who do it while walking toward you and don't move over to allow passage past them -- they expect you to move out of their way.

amberance said...

Yeah! Where do these people come from anyway? Do they really have no concept of the amount of space they take up? Geesh.

mark said...