Thursday, April 14, 2005

Brilliant Cross-Promotional Strategy!

As a communications major in college planning a career in radio broadcasting, I had my fair share of marketing, advertising and promotions classes. They were some of my favorite classes, due in part to the fact that I got to watch Sportscenter promos in class, but also because I had somewhat of a talent for it.

After school, I went into the field of finance and investing, and this talent lay mostly dormant, until a eureka moment I had in the shower this morning.

I was pondering my temporary living room tattoo parlor, and whether or not it would be funny to hang a sign over my couch that reads "Cap's Tats" as though it were a real business. This led me to think of my brother's idea of opening a bar called "Cap's Tap". I then employed my creative synthesis skills and came up with this magnificent marketing strategy:

1. Brandon opens a bar called Cap's Tap on the ground floor of a two story building. On the second story, I open a trendy tattoo and maybe piercing shop called Cap's Tats.

2. People come into the bar for a drink. Brandon and the bartender, whom Bran has hired away from Tai's, get their patrons drunk and plant the notion that, hey, wouldn't it be cool to go get a tattoo right now? Once this idea takes hold, they mention the convenience of the tattoo place that lives right upstairs!

3. Patron's of Cap's Tap head upstairs to Cap's Tats to get them some ink. Between the time it takes to get the new tattoo finished, and the effect of the pain, Cap's Tats patrons will have considerably sobered up by the end of their visit. My tattoo artists will casually suggest they should celebrate their new body art with a drink. Conveniently, there's a bar right downstairs! Cap's Tats patrons will jubilantly head downstairs to drink some more at Cap's Tap.

You get enough easily led automatons and this could go on all day. My pupils are shaped like dollar signs right now! Excuse me, I have to go call my brother...


monogodo said...

I like your thinking, but I feel compelled to make a spoilsport comment.

First off, let me say that I like beer, and I have both piercings and tattoos. That being said, I would never go to a tattoo/piercing shop that would work on me after I've had anything to drink. The shop I go to won't do anything if you've even had a sip of alcohol. They also recommend avoiding alcohol for a few hours after getting pierced/inked.

amberance said...

Ah but see you are smart, and therefore, not the target audience. My roommate is. ;)

VI said...

as soon as my tat was finished... I went to my favorite bar spot (where I had a "bartender" as you do) and I had two shots of vanilla stoli's and went home... and, felt the pain the next morning.
That is all.
I think it could work.
I had to have my driver drive me across town to the bar with the suple assed bartender. All in one - if the tattoo artist is good, it's a win/win.

Eric said...

Liability issues abound.

amberance said...

Sigh. When did sarcasm suddenly become lost on my entire audience?

Pronto said...

She plunged into a sea of platitudes, and with the powerful breast stroke of a channel swimmer, made her confident way towards the white cliffs of the obvious.....

Pronto said...

And, as a final comment, I truly believe you to be a victim of Sarchasm:

Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.