Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ill Communication

I am coming down with something. It feels like there is another, slightly smaller head inside of my outer head, and it's growing and trying to push it's way out. Sort of like Army of Darkness, except coming out of my head instead of my shoulder ("See, you're *good* Amber, and I'm BAD Amber!!!!") Also most of the cavities in my head are filled with goo. My head weighs 80 pounds right now. It is so gross being sick. We're starting our busy season at work, the time where I pack a bag, work all night and take a sponge bath in the bathroom at 6 am every morning. It is not a good time to be getting sick. I am going home, drinking some Nyquil, and getting catatonic with my bad self.

I'm out like NHL hockey.

1 comment:

daniel said...


1 x colonic

1 x banana

1 x brick

That should fix the problem. (sounds like its running a little lean on the left hand side).