Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Fear of The Unknown

I told you the last story to tell you this one:

Tim is freaking me out. This is in direct retaliation for me being obstinate about my fun hot sex story. (It was fun. And hot. And new. And Tim doesn't know!)

There is a poker game scheduled at Tim's for Superbowl Sunday. It's sorta going to be the last hurrah before I disappear into the sunset of Chi-town. Let's just say it's a special poker game. So, today Tim starts asking me totally bizarre questions like Do I have any business cards from Tai's and Is my brother in the phone book and Am I allergic to latex. Ok, not that last one. But still. THEN he tells me that the purpose of his questions is that he is planning some sort of "surprise" for me for the poker party. I was getting kind of nervous. Tim can be a sicko sometimes and "surprise" could mean anything from getting my brother to fly in for the poker game to getting some hookers to put on a can-can number for us. AND I don't like the self-satisfied grin on his face. So naturally I try to gain some insight.

"Is it something I'll like?"
"Is it something that will embarrass me?"
"Is it something we won't ever be allowed to speak of again?"
"Are you making this whole thing up just to disturb me?"

We played this for 20 minutes. Then he brought it up again on his way out the door. I have no frikkin clue what the eff it could be. And let me tell you something else - turnabout is NOT fair play. At all. I mean I really don't like this.

Some thoughts on what Tim could have up his sleeve:
  • A stripper pops out of a cake.
  • A midget pops out of a cake.
  • A cake pops out of a stripper.
  • A stripper gets popped by a midget.
  • A midget drinks pop and eats cake.
  • Peanut butter.
I might modify Heather's idea and send a cardboard cut out of me with my recorded catch phrases to the party. Cause I'm scared.

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