Sunday, January 30, 2005

Friday Lunch

I sat in the lunchroom on Friday surrounded by some of my favorite co-workers: Bia, Timmy, The Cherub, and my replacement. I was enjoying my stuffed shells from Vincenza's for one of the last times. The Cherub and Bia were reading Cleveland Magazine together, when something in the magazine caught their eye.

"Hey, Amber, look at this picture! You should get this," said The Cherub, pointing to a picture in the magazine. It was a photo of a girl out partying, wearing a a black t-shirt, ripped at the neck, which read "I'm blogging this."

I grinned and, without speaking, pulled my sweater up to my chin, revealing...the exact same t-shirt.

When the laughter died down from that we played sex-themed hangman, with rounds including "pussy", "blow job", "deep throating", "swallowing" and "bukaki" (the last submission being Tim's).

I'm so going to miss these people.


Eric said...

I believe the correct spelling in English is "bukkake."

amberance said...

We were guessing. Tim is the worst speller I know, followed closely by me, and we were the only two who even knew what the word meant.

tony93637 said...

wow, ya learn something everyday... i didn't know it was called that, or its origin for that matter. curiously under the topic "friday lunch"... you sound like a helluva lunch date amber:)

daniel said...

That shirt is gold.

Love thinkgeek.. i snuggle in my binary blanket on cold winter's nights.. if they ever occur... cause its the bloody tropics!

amberance said...

Lunch is often the best part of my day. Someday I'll do a list of top 10 lunches here. I had some pretty funny lunches at my last job as well.

Cryptic, I am way wicked jealous of your being in the tropics right now, it is bloody freezing here. And will be until April most likely. Maybe longer.

daniel said...


Grass is always greener. You get sick of wearing as little as possible, and having your skin go to shit because of all the sweat and dust.. Gimme snow right now and I'd be happy... i could even practice writing my name. (My cursive is lacking).

Love your blog Amber.