Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!

I woke up today to a torrential downpour. On the drive to work I sat in traffic for an hour. What is it about rain that makes people forget how to drive? Especially here? This is the Midwest people, IT RAINS HERE. It's not like it's Arizona where it rains and people say "What is this moisture appearing in the sky? Is God crying? What do we do?" No. It rains here all the time, and every time people act like they've never seen this before. I knew I should have driven the Ark this morning.

Today is the anniversary of my birth. I am now 27 years of age. Other birthdays of note today are Rush Limbaugh (54) and Howard Stern (51). I only know that because I find it amusing that those two share a birthday.

The birthday loot I've received so far today consists of:
  • A voicemail from Mary reminding me that "time is marching on, and still marching on."
  • A text message from my next door neighbor who I almost never see despite the fact that she lives next door to me.
  • A very sad e-card from 1153 that made me briefly cry.
  • A mug and snack dish set with kitties, a kitty notepad, and a kitty birthday card from Bia.
  • An off key rendition of "You Say It's Your Birthday" from Dennis.
  • A Happy Birthday e-mail from the Gander, whose birthday was yesterday and who is home sick and claims to be dying.
  • The complete studio recordings of Simon and Garfunkel from Mary, who saw me eying it on our last Best Buy excursion.
  • The following comment from Tim: "Oh, that's right, today's your birthday."
Dinner tonight is at Dale's, colloquially known as "Dad's", and will feature a homemade banana cake, and hopefully much oohing and ahhing over Alistair. Also my stepmom is likely to replenish my wardrobe for the year.
Mary would like to take me out for a birthday lunch now at our favorite, House of Blues, so send me lots of birthday wishes and maybe I'll give you guys a little birthday surprise later...


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