Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sweet Dreams

A poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about, then rediscovered today when I was cleaning old crap off my hard drive:

Sweet Dreams

I dreamed a dream last night.
The air was warm; the breeze blew in so softly
The garden was alive with scent and light
The sun shone down and wrapped us in its arms.

I dreamt last night that you were at my side,
We walked along a path of fragrant roses
You held my hand; we spoke in wordless motions,
My love reflected back from in your eyes.

The wind turned cold last night
Your touch was gone, I stood in lonely silence
My tears fell on the roses, made them wilt
I reached for you, but you were never with me.

I woke from sleep last night,
And shivered in the bleak and stony darkness
My love returned by nothing but the walls,
The memories yielding slowly to the night.

I dreamt of you last night…

I remember that I wrote this in Buffalo when I ran away from home because 1153 did something mean to me. I also remember that I got so hammered that weekend my cousin ended up taking me home because he couldn't handle how obnoxiously drunk I was. And I really really wanted to go see strippers. Which I told everyone. At the top of my lungs. Repeatedly. I also said that if my brother had been there instead of me, that they probably would be seeing strippers, and that the only reason he wouldn't take me was because I was a girl, and that he should really rethink that and take me instead because "Brandon is a PUSSY". I think he over reacted. If he would have just pointed me in the direction of strippers, I'm sure I would have shut the fuck up, or at least reduced the decibel level some. Anyway, after the poem, the drinking binge and the blunt tongue-lashing from my Auntie Margaret(which are always that much harsher for being delivered in that brogue accent - she's Scottish) I felt better and came home. I showed the poem to 1153, he felt it was unduly hard on him and criminally unfair, so I saved it on my hard drive at work and forgot about it until today. Ahh memories...

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