Monday, November 01, 2004

Monday Timisms

Today's jems, uttered with love by my unique and interesting co-worker, Tim:

When asked his opinion on Teresa Heinz Kerry: "First ladies are unimportant to me, unless they're hot, like Jacqueline."

In regards to a statement that 77% of the budget for the Cleveland Metroparks goes to employee salaries seems excessive: "It's a service organization! What are they supposed to do, go out and buy squirrels?"

And finally, with no context because I can't remember what we were talking about (and it doesn't really matter anyway): "Opinions are, like, whatever. Everybody has one."

That last one really gets me. I keep spitting out cough drop juice every time I read it.

Bia had one too. She was sitting in a chair in my office and felt the need to impart this: "I wish I could kill myself for, like, five days." Random, huh? I laughed for about five days, I'll tell ya that.

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