Thursday, November 18, 2004

Next Blog

See that little button in the upper right hand corner of your screen that reads "Next Blog"? Don't click on it. Honestly, I mean it. Don't push the button. Don't push the big, shiny, candylike button. Because if you think heroin is hard to kick, just try to stop clicking on it once you've started. I am not shitting you. It will turn you into a hamster. You know how hamsters have an attention span of about 1.3 seconds and they always have that look on their face like "Hey! What's this? Hey! What's this? Hey! What's this?" That is what you will be, except it will be "Hey! What's next?" I have lost hours of my life to this, and millions of brain cells. So don't do it if you don't want to end up in a "Next Blog" 12 step program. I'm only trying to protect you. Do as I say, not as I do.

Having said that, here's some stuff I found while next blogging. Damn, peoples is crazy.

Josh Levine

Mark Nicodemo

Nate Fancher

The Pogosphere



Pronto said...

You know, I know just what you mean. I've been pushing the damn button for an hour..... guess how I got to your blog???????????????? :0)

Nuff said. I agree, peoples is crazy. And, the more I push the damn button, the more I become convinced.

Ah well - if I didn't push the damn button, I'd probably have to get a life.......

Any-hoooo, cool blog. Have a great one!

amberance said...

Wow pronto, my first comment! Even my one friend doesn't have anything to say to me. You're cool.

Pronto said...

hey, no problem.... I took a bit more time from my 'next-blog' (don't know how, but somehow tore myself away from it).

Anyways, you've got some cool shit here, i shit you not.
Mind if i cruise by once in awhile????????????????

amberance said...

Anytime. Like it says, I crave attention. And I'll go check you out as well, if that's cool.

Pronto said...

Sure, cool... but I gotta warn you... it's totally inane.

amberance said...

Right. Cuz my blog is awash in coherency.

Pronto said...


perhaps not 'awash', but definitely bordering on 'saturated'

Eric said...

How do you think I found your blog? If I hadn't pushed that little button, I might never have become a fan of Bizzybiz Blog. Not only are you funny (I can't speak to the looking part), but your posts are well thought out. The most recent post about your impending move to Chicago--great. I went from sharing your depression to a slightly perverted smile at "my nipples hurt." Brilliant!

amberance said...

It wouldn't be perversely funny if you were in this office. I could cut glass with my nipples right now, it is effing cold.

Pronto said...

now THAT's something i'd pay money to see