Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Bartender

The bartender called this morning. I think my favorite thing about the bartender is that I'm never quite sure what he might say. He's one of those people that has cool weird stuff happen to him all the time. So sometimes, I might get a cool weird story. Like the time he called to tell me he got to watch two girls making out in Vegas. He also works in a bar, as bartenders are wont to do. So sometimes he calls with interesting bar stories. Or sometimes he just calls me with a list of the people I know who were in the bar that night, usually some combination of Gongolas, dickheads who work for the Bulls, and Gene Honda. If I had a nickel for every time he called and started a conversation with "Hey! Your brother was at the bar last night!" I'd have about 4 nickels. Sometimes he calls to express an opinion. Today's opinion was that girls use a different logic than guys, the girl's logic makes no sense, and the only way to defend yourself against it is to insult them. Obviously, apart from being interesting, he is also quite wise. And he makes a mean Captain and Coke. So next time you're in Chicago, may I recommend Tai's Til 4, and tell them Cap's sister sent you. Actually, you don't have to tell them that. They won't really care.

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