Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Funny thing, being depressed. Sometimes moments of happiness make you....utterly sad. Yesterday Brandon drove me to the airport. We were driving down Lake Shore Blvd, and I looked to my left and thought, "The lake is beautiful." I looked to my right and thought, "The city is even more beautiful. I can't believe that I'm shortly going to live here and I'll be able to look at this every day." I was elated. So when I got to the airport I ended up nearly biting off my bottom lip to keep from crying in front of people from the sheer misery of it all. And all day long today people are asking about my trip and I tell them what a great time I had, cause I did, and then I get all moody-like and go pout in my office.

It. Is. Time. To. Go.

Right now I am sitting in my office wearing my winter coat, and not for a fashion statement either. No, I have a coat on because it is rapidly approaching 0 degrees Kelvin in here and all molecular movement is about to stop. And my nipples hurt. I think it might snow in here.


Kurt Maddox said...

I am sorry for your suffering! I, too, have suffered from depression but have found peace and happiness within myself. It has been a long road here but well worth it. I pray you find a similar place along your journey!


Sliver said...

I've had many a friend that suffers from depression - I don't know, they just flock to me, or maybe I try to help too much - and just know that there's always something to be happy about. Even if you have to take solace in the fact that you were able to eat breakfast when others cannot, there is always somthing to make you smile. I know it may sound corny,but it works for me when I think my world is completely turned upsidedown. It will always get better, I promise. I've been reading your blog and you're an amazing writer. Take comfort in the fact that I find you interesting, if nothing else!!

amberance said...

Thanks Kurt, you're a doll.

amberance said...
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Adventure Girl said...

Girl, you are SERIOUSLY funny! Keep it up!

Pronto said...

I seriously agree with Adventure Girl.
You indeed have a talent with words.
Your blog has become a 'must read' for me.

Keep it up! Keep me amused. I beg, I plead,
I triple-dog-dare.