Monday, August 08, 2005

Oxygen Starved

I have a tendency to write stuff down a lot, because funny things happen around me all the time and I think to myself "I should blog that". But then I sit down to write and I go "Wait, what was that again?" So I started writing things down so I would remember to blog them.

The problem is I'm sometimes in such a hurry to write something down that I provide myself with no notes as far as context or even who may have said the thing I thought was funny.

This is my guess at what must have happened last Thursday, when I came across a snip of paper in my purse this morning which read as follows:

"Last week I almost took a breath. But then I thought about it."


Pronto said...

My problem is that I don't write those random thoughts down. Perhaps I too become oxygen starved, or experience some form of chemical imbalance,as the thoughts rapidly disappear soon after discovery....

Feesh said...

Weren't we having a conversation about the fact that when you think about breathing it's harder to continue to do it?

Or was that with someone else?

Did I even have that conversation?

I wish I would have written that down.

Also, blogger has decided to log me out and I cannot, for the life of me, remember my password. Hold on, Im going to start a list of things I need to write down in the future.

Anyone have a pen?

amberance said...

Fish, you have serious password issues dude. Really, I have never seen anything quite like it.

That must have been one of your other ladies, I recall no conversation about breathing with you. I remember taking out my pen and writing that down at Tai's on Thursday. I don't remember who I was sitting by, what made them say that (or maybe I said it?) or why it was funny.

Feesh said...

If by "other ladies" you mean "thugglife chris" then yes, I was talking like a mother fucker to her about it.

And yeah... I do have password issues.

amberance said...

I'm telling Thugglife you called him a lady. It was nice knowing you.