Friday, August 19, 2005

Does This Actually Work on People?

Here's a message I just got on MySpace from some person claiming to be named CrAS (oh how I love the trendy new randomized capitalization!) whom I have never met, spoken to or corresponded with in my entire life:

Aug 19, 2005 10:26 AM
No Subject
Yo whattup shortie....not bad. aiight here's the deal, i'm here from california on business and i'm lookin' for a hot date. got tix to the yankees game tonight so holla at ya boy. Also open to going to the 97th floor of the john hancock. CrAS

Be still, my heart! Thanks, CrAS(s), but I already have plans, aiight?



David said...

The restaurant is on the 95th floor. I don't know if the 97th floor is the observation deck or the roof, but I do know somebody needs to put this guy up on one of the antennas.

Web Swinger said...

Well Amber you know that I am pretty good at butchering the English language at times, but that really made my ears hurt, and like an idiot I read it a second time, and it still hurt.