Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Thugglife Chris

Today is Thugglife Chris' birthday. This is important because for his birthday we are going out to BD's Mongolian BBQ, which is better than sex*. Unfortunately I also promised him I would watch some movie about a repentant, formerly evil airplane that wants to stick its fuselage inside Jessica Biel. I tried to get out of it by claiming I was drunk when I said it, but I was at work at the time, and for some reason I wasn't believed. That's alright. For my birthday we'll be having lobster and watching Ishtar. Two can play at this game.

*depending on who I'm having sex with and how hungry I am at the time.


Anonymous said...

mmm. lobster and istar. there is no problem there!! I am down with that!!! thanks for coming out!!

Web Swinger said...

A movie with Jessica Biel, what movie would that be?

Also I don't want to come across as critical but you seem to be losing you audience, or they don't have many comments about what you are blogging.

amberance said...

Well, sorry to disappoint them, however I am much happier without the insane drama in my life caused by Vicodin Jim et al. - even though I'm sure it was tres amusing for my audience. Also I don't have time to post as much lately.

Stealth is the movie, and I didn't have to watch it, thanks be to God.

Hot Heather said...

wow, to think that one person could bring oh so much drama to one's life! mine continues to be amused by him... and the vicodin part i believe has been discontinued or my foot will be in his ass so far that he'll be puking it up. love always me!

amberance said...

What a beautiful image Thur!