Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Top Things I Didn't See at my Birthday Party at Tai's

1. Anyone going by the name of Dave, Hutch, Keri, TK, Pablo, or whose last name rhymes with "Schmongola". Though I hear Chris and Steve were in on Friday. Asswipes.

2. Gene Honda's reaction to my Chief Wahoo birthday cake. I was in the bathroom when he came in. When I saw him later I asked if he thought my cake was pretty. He said "What's left of it" and mimed smashing it with his fist.

3. Left over cake. Gene had two pieces. So did the bartender and several others.

4. Hot Heather's boobs/the bartender's dick. Though Heather and I did scurry off to the bathroom so she could take a picture of my ass. And I did get to squeeze her boobs (I vaguely recall we were counting to four for some reason and demonstrated this by feeling each other up.)

5. Help from the staff. I was cornered by some short guy and a Canadian. They sang happy birthday to me in Polish and French, respectively, and then the short guy quickly became annoying with his repetitive attempts to kiss me. Also, some other guy kept licking my legs. Yes, licking them. Rather than rescue me the owner told him, "You owe me 10 bucks for her."


Hot Heather said...

1. i was there, that's all that matters.

2. Gene's reaction was HILARIOUS. i laughed. and then i got mad you missed it.

3. i only had one, but there were a lot of fatty's there - and you gave 2 pieces to those two people we didn't know.

4. you never asked for the boobs. i TOTALLY would have let you see 'em. and i still need to get that camera developed...

5. ummm... this happened after i left. and i sincerly apologize. i would have made out with you to distract them, and then told them we were happily married.

i love you and i hope you had a great birthday!

Kelly said...

i'm so sad i missed all of this! but we did have an awsome conversation getting caught up on all of life's happenings. i love you!