Friday, January 27, 2006


I just got back from Chipotle (they had chicken today and charged me the correct amount for it thankyouverymuch), where I saw a very sad sight indeed.

What I saw were two women, approximately my age, sitting together at a table each eating...

...a bowl of shredded lettuce.

That's it. I think the one girl had a little bit of cheese on hers. There were no others at their table eating a proper burrito or anything. Just them.

I almost cried for them. (I cried with joy at my delicious fajita burrito with extra cheese and extra sour cream instead. Mmmmm.)


Hot Heather said...

mmmmmm.... chipotle.... i LOVE chipotle.... i want it NOW!! and yes, that is very sad. i couldn't imagine eating lettuce there when you can have a steak burrito with mild salsa, extra cheese (and i mean EXTRA, i love my cheese), sour cream AND lettuce. DELICIOUS!!! oooo.... and the tacos are good, too.... mmmmmmmmmmmm.... i'm still hungry...

Brianne said...

You seriously have to wonder about people like them...eating only lettuce.

I like to eat cupcakes in front of those people.

Your blog's funny...and I'm always excited to find new things to read when I should be doing something else ;)

Simmy said...

i LOVE chipotle! chicken fajiti all the way. had it this weekend. in fact...i have it every weekend.

burito bowls can suck it.

daniel said...

to take your original comment and go somewhere else completely:
apparently there is a serious issue with our oldies getting stuck into the cat food.
(I don't know why with tuna 89c a tin)

PS. what the fuck is the go with the word verification.

You have to be inspector goran to decipher the fucker. They make commenting about as natural as using a condom.

amberance said...

I've noticed that. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I was starting to feel really stupid getting them wrong.