Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tag - I'm It

Heather, who is an evil little monkey, tagged me with a meme this morning. I've never been tagged before, which I've always kind of gloated over (haha, I don't have to think up any stupid crap!), but then late at night when I was all alone in my bed, I would cry huge Precious Moments tears, because if no one was tagging me, it obviously means no one is paying any attention to me and if they are they don't find me interesting enough to want to know more.

But today the streak has ended, and now I've been instructed to tell you all three things you probably don't know about me, or risk spending the rest of forever burning in the 7th circle of hell or filing Satan's toenails or something. This is not easy given the broad range of people who read this blog and the fact that the entire point of Bizzybiz is for me to stroke my ego by talking about myself. Material is scarce. But here goes:

1. When I was little I HATED going to school. I know, you'd never know it given what a gigantic nerd I am now, but in elementary school it was all I could do to drag myself there. So I was always looking for ways to get out of school. One surefire way to get sent home from school is to throw up in class. But since it never occurred to me to just make myself throw up, I needed some other source of vomit. So I would spend, like, hours in my mother's bathroom, going through her make up and lotions and whatnot, trying to mix up something that looked and smelled like vomit. I even experimented with adding cotton balls so my fake puke would have "chunks". This, of course, never ever worked and I never tried the "fake puke" ploy in class. But I did use up tons of my mom's Mary Kay.

2. I can't stand fast food hamburgers. Any of them. McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, White Castle, Arby's, Rally's - none of them. You would have to starve me for a month to get me to eat one, and even then I'd make sure there was absolutely nothing else available to eat. At "real" restaurants though, hamburgers are probably in my top three favorite things to order.

3. One year on Easter, I snuck downstairs in the middle of the night and found all the Easter eggs. The next day, Brandon and I went looking for them, but I already knew where all of them were. Because I was pretty quick on the uptake, I realized that if I ran around scooping up all the eggs, my parents would know what I did, so instead I walked around all morning pretending to look for eggs. I made sure Cap got the same number of eggs as me so I wouldn't look suspicious. Ultimately, I gained nothing since I didn't use my advantage for fear I'd get caught. Also it wasn't any fun because I had nothing to look for. So it sucked and I never did it again.

Hmm. That was fun. Maybe I should make a whole post out stupid things I did when I was a little kid. Who's in?

OK, now for the really fun part! I get to inflict this incredible burden on three bloggers of my choice! So Cap, Hot Heather and Brooke (ha! you thought you'd escape way down south, didn't ya?), get crackin on things some crap I don't know. Preferably things I can make fun of you for later.


daniel said...

we dont have white castle.

I've wanted white castle ever since I watched harold and kumar.

You should eat white castle for me.

DixieBelle8681 said...

Hmm...3 things about me...well, you'll just have to wait for the post. But since you don't really know all that much about me, anything I say is going to be funny, because believe me, I am a nerd. :)

amberance said...

The only thing I will eat from White Castle is their mozerella cheese sticks, which are surprisingly very good.

Harold and Kumar was awesome. That's what Mary and I went to see when a bunch of 18 year olds tried to pick us up.

kelly said...

huh! i remember all your mother's stuff on her counter... i can't particularly remember if i ever aided in your science experiments. :)

i agree on the white castle... the fried-cheese-things and the not-onion-rings-but-onion-sticks were the only edible things that wouldn't tear up your belly.

Hot Heather said...

i hate you bitch