Wednesday, August 08, 2012

___________ Is A Bad Idea

Me: I have dangerous new paper

StereoNinja: ??

Me: I was at the store and I found a pad of sticky notes for a dollar
that have "Hello My thought is:" printed on them

StereoNinja: NO


StereoNinja: this will end badly

Me: I know

StereoNinja: you should NOT use these at work

Me: if there's one thing that is certain in this world, it is that I should never ever EVER be given a blank to fill in

StereoNinja: This is very bad


StereoNinja: LOL

Me: Hello My thought is: life would be so much easier if I could reach my nipple with my mouth

StereoNinja: It’s the Hello at the beginning that makes it, it sounds so friendly then it all goes wrong
Hello My thought is: I will stab you in the eye if you ask me again

Me: it's like some horrible person invented them JUST FOR ME
Hello My thought is: you really shouldn't try to make the cat wear pants.

StereoNinja: HAHAHA

Me: I'm about to stick one to the dalek that says Hello My thought is: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

StereoNinja:  stick one on your panties which says Hello My thought is: Rip these off and bang me

Me: I'm not sure who would need such explicit instructions


Romi said...

Excellent read!!! love your blog! You're Awesomeness astounds me! (I have El's thesaurus LOL)

I want this post its!

Romi said...


amberance said...

Romi - They were in the dollar bin at Target.

Romi said...

OHHH I know where I'm going for lunch today!! Thanks love

Hannah said...

They sound fabulous, although I would probably get myself sacked very quickly - Putting "Hello my thought is you're a knob" stickers on colleagues' desks wouldn't go down too well :-)

Hiccup said...
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Hiccup said...

I work on a mine... with lots of guys... who didnt pack their common sense when coming to site from home... Im into my second year here... with a post it pad such as this it could be a short second year!!!!