Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shout Out

Steve G., who is my brothers Big from their fraternity, was at a party with me over the weekend. He mentioned he had checked out the Bizzybiz Blog, but didn't have 16 years to devote to reading my incredibly long posts, so he merely skimmed it. But in so skimming, he noticed a certain lack of acknowledgement on my part for the help I received moving my crap into my apartment.

Steve, I apologize for the oversight. Let it hereby be known that without the aid of my brother, Steve, Chris, Nash and Lizak I would currently be living out of the back of a U-Haul. Thanks for moving all my shit.


(Also thanks to Nash for making me burst into tears at that party as well, way to make my nightmares a reality buddy.)


Cap said...

for the's Lizak.

Also, what the fuck did Nash say to you?

amberance said...

Cool, I'll change it. I made the mistake of mentioning my overwhelming and irrational fear of spiders, which he thought would be fun to tease me about, relentlessly. He went on and on and on about them being in my hair and my mouth, and tarantulas and brown recluse spiders in my house, no matter how much I asked him to stop, until I finally burst into tears.