Friday, March 11, 2005

Reader Challenge!

My friends, your help is required. Cryptic over at Don't Feed The Monkeys and I are gearing up for a new holiday, Crab Legs and Cunnilingus Day, to be more colloquially known as CLC Day.

As we all know, having a quirky and memorable catch phrase is key to having your upstart oral-sex based holidays catch on in the mainstream. To that end, I've been brainstorming for something to use as a tag line. Something funny, perhaps a double entendre, a bit tongue-in-cheek, easily translatable to t-shirts, coffee mugs, greeting cards and bumper stickers. Here's what I've come up with:
  • CLC Day - Open wide.
  • CLC Day - Not quite finger food.
  • CLC Day - Eat your heart out.
  • CLC Day - Eat and be eaten.
People, I know we can do better than this. Send in your ideas now! If we like it, we will cut you in on our enormous imaginary profits, or at the very least, I promise to repeat the phrase over and over in my head when I'm playing in the bathtub (and if you're good I'll e-mail you regarding the results of that experiment).


daniel said...

[quote]I promise to repeat the phrase over and over in my head when I'm playing in the bathtub (and if you're good I'll e-mail you regarding the results of that experiment).[/quote]

Is this one of those things like the promo's businesses run that employee's can't enter??
Because damn I want that email.

I just don't know if I can top CLC day - not quite finger food.
That is quite impressive.

CLC - the letters kind of look like a willy between boobs.

CLC - clit lickers club

CLC - Can your tongue truly talk?

no.. see, I can't top it. Let me think on it some more.

monogodo said...

CLC Day:
Crack them legs open and dig in!

Eric said...

I'm not sure how you beat monogodo's suggestion.

amberance said...

I enjoy monogodo's very much indeed. Here are some suggestions from Web Swinger that were submitted via e-mail on Friday due to Blogger's comment hiccup:

There seems to be an technical issue so I will e-mail, I reserve the right to add more.

CLC - You will both find it finger licking good.
CLC - Ahhhhhhh the taste of seafood
CLC - The one day tis better to recieve then give.

tony93637 said...

just catching up... BTW what is up the bartender's butt? And I just couldn't resist taking a shot at this one...

CLC day - tongue in cheek
CLC day - beware of crabs in your wet spot
CLC day - lickideeslit
CLC day - food for naughty thought
CLC day - sexual surf n turf
CLC day - MMM MMM Good!
CLC day - if you need a bib you're doing it wrong
CLC day - you've said a mouthful

amberance said...

"If you need a bib you're doing it wrong" is AWESOME. As for the bartender, there will probably be more details once Chicago: Week Four ends this Sunday, but for now let me just say that he is not at all the kind of person I thought he was, and that I am immensely dissapointed by that fact.

tony93637 said...

now that the creative juices are flowing;) i can't get out of slogan mode. here's one more:

CLC - Cum try the fisherman's platter

amberance said...

Heather, Mary and I are having the same problem with "create your own insult" as outlined in the Not Working at Work post. We can't stop.