Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who Dat?

Today is Doctor Who Day, or for the three readers I have who aren't gigantic nerds, today is the day that the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special episode airs. I have prepared by putting on Dalek socks and forcing StereoNinja to sit through episodes from the 10th doctor era that he had somehow missed. (He hadn't actually seen 'Blink' until Wednesday somehow. I'm not sure he's a real nerd. Or a real ninja*.) I also got lost on Cake Wrecks for a few hours after the cake master sent me this link to some amazing Doctor Who cakes, which is what happens every time I wind up looking at Cake Wrecks. I'll come back and update this post with my reaction after it airs. Whee!


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Paul Anthony Shortt said...

I really need to watch New Who. I watched reruns of Classic Who growing up.

I mentioned on Facebook, I've spent the last three years writing an urban fantasy trilogy about reincarnation, and with the third instalment coming out next year, I can't believe I never thought to have my hero team up with manifestations of his past selves.