Thursday, November 07, 2013

My Second Worst Nightmare

So tonight I learned that if you do a presentation in class because it's required which took you all day to psyche yourself up for because you are terrified of speaking in public, your professor will corner you later on and tell you that with such an interesting take on the subject, you are going to have to start participating in class. Now all I need is for all my classmates to turn out to be giant spiders in disguise and I can die in the worst way imaginable! I need to go lay in bed wide awake and stare at the ceiling wondering if I'm having a heart attack for a while.

1 comment:

Jen Stone said...

Hey, hey you - yeah you, under the duvet!

Listen, I swear to God, everyone in that class is feeling the same way as you are right now, and I can 100% guarantee they've never take off their clothes while dressed as Sexy Roadrunner. You are WAY ahead of the game, girl!

Public speaking, like sex, can be fucking amazing for you and everyone else involved if you remember to breathe, take it slooooow, enjoy yourself, and connect.