Friday, November 07, 2008

In Which Amberance Creates Her Own Anachronisms

BrownsFan: Grady Sizemore won his second consecutive Gold Glove.

me: yay!

BrownsFan: I always spell it "yea" Not to be confused with "yeah"

me: yea feels all formal, like it's 1670 and we're in the parlor waiting for the roast boar to be served

BrownsFan: But "yay" is appropriate for more modern times, like sloppy joes on Krispy Kremes.

me: yeah, yay doesn't wear a powdered wig or play the harpsichord


Aaron said...

I do like the harpsichord. Maybe we should have a party where we wear powdered whigs and enjoy music of the harpsichord. Who do we know that plays the harpsichord?

amberance said...

I think any pianist can play it. It's a little different touch, but the keys are the same. The more important question is where are we going to get a harpsichord? Or powdered wigs?

Jenny said...

I totally misread the boar thing and thought you said "roast beer."

Hmm...can beer be roasted?

amberance said...

Only one way to find out.