Monday, September 26, 2005

A Monday Poem

My boss
Drives me crazy
Comes to my desk
Looks around and says “excellent”
Then just walks away
What the fuck?
I’m confused


Hot Heather said...

hahaha... asshat

tony93637 said...

ok there are a couple possible scenarios here
1. either your boss did not stand over you and say 'excellent' at 11:34, 11:58, 2:18, or 2:22,
2. or, he likes reading your blog so much he has to come over to your desk to ensure you're making the necessary updates
hmmmmm... i wonder which one it is?

amberance said...

He was at my desk earlier in the day. The excellent wasn't related to anything I was working on. He's just a hamster. He's in and out of my space and everyone else's with no sense of purpose or direction. It's getting on my every last nerve.