Thursday, September 08, 2005

In Case You Live Under A Rock

NFL football regular season opens tonight. Patriots versus the Raiders. 9 pm Eastern on ABC.

I think I might be having an orgasm right now.


sean said...

oh trisha yearwood, how i lo...ATHE THEE!!

seriously, what the fuck was ABC thinking?!?

amberance said...

Hey, you know what? She sang the National Anthem the way it was written without stylizing it or trying to make it into the Tricia Yearwood show. In that respect she was better than 98% of the people out there. Most of them think they're there to showcase their vocal range instead of honor their country.

daniel said...

Long time no see miss amberance!

Sooo a footy fan eh? I imagine you'd be a linebacker if you could? Smash everyone!

amberance said...

Actually, I'd be the center so the quarterback would have his hands on my ass all the time. :-)