Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This Is A Totally Normal Conversation In My World

The gorilla texted me in the middle of the fucking night on Monday to find out what I was doing this week.

Me: Just now realizing I forgot to respond to your text because I was half asleep when I got it. Pretty busy doing things involving nail polish and nipple tape from now until showtime on Saturday night. Next week I should be less busy, other than adding MORE TREES to my dwelling.

The gorilla: How can I not buy into the "nipple tape" excuse?
Of course, I am off to zee Germany next Monday evening, and will gone some days...but I will make something work. I want a tour of the Christmas forest.

Me: Forest will be up at least until the new year, no worries.
Nipple tape - for the discerning stripper who's not quite ready to go full frontal.

1 comment:

Jonathan Moyet (TACO) said...

JESUS COHRISST!!! You are a REDHEAD, your name is AMBER and you're willing to STRIP.WHAT MORE COULD A GUY(or girl) ASK? PALE SKINNED REDHEADS ARE MY ACHILLES HEEL!!! Mmmmm....NIPPLES....NICE. ;) lol
PS: Hope you don't get OFFENDED.If you do, ALL APOLOGIES.