Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's A Miracle I'm Ever Taken Seriously

A guy from the parent company and The Intern are standing near the back hallway talking. My backpack and I approach them on my way to the door.

Parent Company Guy: Here she comes!
Me: And there I go.
PCG: You're leaving?
Me. I'm tired. I need a nap. I make the universal sign of a pillow with my hands and pretend to rest my head on it.
The Intern: The carpet does look pretty comfortable.
Me: No, I'm going to take a nap right here.
The Intern: Standing up?
Me: Yes. I demonstrate the pillow again. I'm like a cow. Oh wait. Cows sleep standing up right?
The Intern: Yes. That's the whole point of cow tipping. You push them over when they're sleeping.
Me: Oh. Right. I remember now. Because I've seen cows that were sitting down you know. But they were probably just resting.
Me:I'm going to stop talking now.

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