Monday, October 10, 2005

Sociology 101

Here's a fun little sociology experiment to try:

First, move to a new city. Move, but remember to keep your professional and collegiate sports affiliations firmly rooted way back in the city where you were born and raised. For example, just hypothetically, imagine that you've moved from Cleveland to Chicago, but have chosen to remain a Browns fan.

Next, wait around for an athletic competition during which your "traditional" home team spars with your "new" home team. In our purely hypothetical example, the Browns would be playing the Bears.

On the date of this contest, venture out to some public place where you can watch the game. Be certain that this venue has many fans of the "new" home team and that they serve alcoholic beverages. For our example, let's chose a place at random: say, Buffalo Wild Wings in Woodridge. (hypothetically, you are visiting your friends in Lisle for the weekend and therefore have to find a place to watch the game in the suburbs, which explains why you are in Woodridge.)

Make sure also that you are 1) alone and 2) dressed in something silly. Perhaps some black pajama pants covered in jack-o-lanterns that you bought for $2 on clearance at Old Navy several years ago, and a black sweatshirt with a Latin phrase on it that roughly translates to "Always wear underwear".

Now, visibly and audibly cheer for your "traditional" home team. Carefully observe the reactions of the other (some slightly drunken) football fans surrounding you as you cheer, out loud, against their team. Be sure to note any change in their behavior if POSSIBLY your team starts to really pull away with the game during the last three minutes of play, or, hypothetically, scores two touchdowns in 38 seconds.

If anyone decides to try this experiment, I'd be very interested in hearing your results.


sean said...

im glad this is all hypothetical

i mean, clearly that means the browns didnt just beat the bears

H said...

I went into Redskins stadium for a 'skins v. bengals game wearing all Bengals gear. No one harassed me, thankfully.

Amanda Frazier said...

Ah yes. Sunday I'm going to the Seahawks/Texans game in Seattle. I'm a HUGE Texans fan. I will put the sociology experiment into effect as much as possible as I will be sitting on the home team's side wearing my Texans foam hat and screaming "MOVE THAT SWEET ASS DAVID CARR!!!"

David said...

Don't worry. The bruises will fade in a few days. And the names they called you. Don't worry about those either. I am sure most of them are not true.

Hot Heather said...

i would stay away from chicago when you do that, we're mean... especially when it comes to sports