Friday, October 07, 2005

More From the Triple Threat

Transcript from a message that the Triple Threat left on my voicemail earlier this summer:

Morgan: [Family name], it’s Morgan. I’m just calling to say that you suck.

Minnick(in the background): Ask her if she’s ever…

Morgan: Have you ever seen such a thing as

Minnick(in the background): pierced balls?

Morgan: If you had balls would you

Minnick (sounding closer): pierce them?

(Norris laughs in the background)
Morgan: Are your balls
Minnick: Pierced?
Morgan: Please call us.
Minnick: What, of all the genitalia that you’re aware of, and you have seen a lot of genitalia, have you ever seen pierced
Morgan: Balls? Call us. Ok, bye.


monogodo said...

I have a genital piercing, just not of the balls.

Or is this too much information?

amberance said...

Nope, I believe you mentioned said piercing back in January when I wore a skirt to work because I needed to wear nylons because I was scared to change my piercing. 4 gauge, right?

Neo said...

Amber - OUCH!!!!

Thanks for the visual so early in the morning.