Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Klutz Reprise

No new bruises to report, only some dry, crusted hot chocolate that I somehow managed to splash on my sweater and in my hair this morning.


Neo said...

Amber - Sounds like your healthcare is up there.

I've had that kinda summer too. 1 broken arm, one sprained ankle.

A fall in my bathroom that cracked my head open, and sprained my arms and fingers. I'm gonna have to work to get rid of that scar.

And I got another burn just from carrying my lunch back to my office.

All in the last 5 months!!!

It's good to know (well maybe not)
that it's not just me.

Here's to klutzdum!

Amanda Frazier said...

In your hair? Wow. That is very endearing to me, since that's the kind of bizarre happenings that I encounter with food too!
Here's to maybe going a whole entire week without new bruises!!!

tony93637 said...

i bet this post brings back some fond memories for monica lewinski...