Monday, August 31, 2009

Re: Boobs

Conversations at Tai's frequently involve boobs. To wit:

The bartender (to Teacher Charlie): You like big boobs.

Me: That's why he doesn't hit on me.

Teacher Charlie: No, actually I'm more of an ass man than a boob man.

Me: Oh. Well then why DON'T you hit on me? My ass is cute.

Teacher Charlie: It is, but I can't hit on you, you already know I'm a sleaze.


Me (arguing about the relative attractiveness of myself and our friend who was asked to do Playboy): She has bigger boobs than me.

The Angry Scotsman: You have bigger boobs than me.

Me: I hope so.

The Angry Scotsman: But mine are hairier than yours.

Me: You hope so.

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