Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amberance: Of Questionable Usefulness

me: oh so did i show you the new boots i bought?

H-town: no!

me: these

H-Town: holy schneikes
those are some sexy fishing waders
for the sexy fisherman in your life
can you come over and walk around on our front lawn to aerate it?

me: no problem
there's going to be a vinyl corset that goes with those when i find it

H-Town: yes
you'll be entirely waterproof

me: it's a dream of mine

H-town: don't sit on any old grandmother's vinyl couch, you'll be stuck forever

me: i can lay down on the grass and be a slip n slide

H-town: hahahaha
"honey, get the hose!"

me: hopefully no one will try to make me float on top of a pool all winter

H-town: hahaha
that'll be a skinny pool
hey, nice pool cover. oh that? that's actually amber
aaaaand scene

me: we're here all week

H-town: remove the vinyl cover before trying the veal, folks

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