Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Can FEEL When Retail is Near. That's Why I Have to Go.

Fish: Where are we thinking for mattress shopping?

me: hell if i know, someplace known for their sale of mattresses i assume

Fish: Look, you have a vagina. Shopping is your expertise. I just bring my pocketbook

me: when, in the entire history of knowing each other, with the exception of going to ikea, have you ever known me to be all "omigod, let's go SHOPPING!"?

Fish: Never. I'm not arguing that YOU don't like shopping but your genes KNOW shopping. It's your bloodrite.
Imagine you are anakin
When you are born you don't know you have control over the force
But you do, because you have no father and George Lucas is terrible at drawing Jesus allegories
Hope this helps

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